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Research Team

Dr. Eberth employs an interdisciplinary team working in the areas of cancer prevention and control, with a focus on quantifying access to care and quality of treatment received, particularly in vulnerable populations.



Cassie Odahowski, PhD Student in Epidemiology


Cassie Odahowski recieved her MPH in epidemiology in 2010 from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and her BS in biological sciences in 2009 from Florida State University. Cassie’s research interests include cancer and social epidemiology, advancement of cancer screening and treatment options and identification and improvement of health disparities among rural populations.

Michele Josey, PhD Student in Epidemiology


Michele Josey received her MS in statistics from Ohio State University in 2011 and her BS in Mathematics from North Carolina Central University in 2009. Michele is interested in social epidemiology and health disparities research.

Anja Zgodic, PhD Student in Biostatistics


Whitney Zahnd, Postdoctoral Fellow


Former Lab Members and Collaborators

  • Claire Biesecker, BS in Public Health, graduated Spring 2019; Project: “Mapping cervical cancer access and prevention in SC”
  • Jessica Lee, BS in Public Health, graduated Spring 2019; Project: “Financial toxicity among rural cancer patients in the U.S.”
  • Sazid Khan, PhD in Epidemiology, graduated Fall 2018; Project: “Spatial access to HIV testing facilities in the U.S.”
  • Sarah Bills, PhD Student in Psychology, Project: “Leveraging mammography for increasing LDCT screening awareness and referrals”
  • Logan Lebron, BS in Geography, graduated May 2018; Project “Mapping accessibility to lung cancer screening the U.S.”
  • Sarah Grace Turner, Masters student in Epidemiology; Project “Leveraging mammography clinics to increase awareness about lung cancer screening”
  • Jennifer Ersek, PhD in Epidemiology, graduated Fall 2017; Project “Molecular testing and overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer patients”
  • Parisa Bozorgi, PhD Student in Environmental Health Sciences; Project “Geographic distribution of lung cancer screening centers in the U.S., 2017”
  • Sarah Powell, BS in Anthropology, graduated May 2016; Project “A geospatial and qualitative examination of USC’s tobacco-free campus policy”
  • Yu-Hsiu Lin, PhD in Health Services Policy and Management, graduated Fall 2015; Project “Community level factors and health-related quality of life among older adults”
  • Marsha Samson, PhD in Epidemiology, graduated Spring 2016; Project “SCCA breast & female cancer report: breast cancer statistics in SC”
  • Nancy Porter, PhD Student in Epidemiology; Project “Association between being up-to-date on colorectal cancer screening and diabetes, 2012 BRFSS”
  • Oluwole Babatunde, PhD Student in Epidemiology; Project “Racial disparities in endometrial cancer mortality-to-incidence ratios among Blacks and Whites in South Carolina”
  • Jarrod Bullard, PhD in Health Services Policy and Management, graduated Fall 2017; Project “Racism across the American south: the association of racism, rurality and black mortality”
  • Portavia Featherstone, MSPH in Epidemiology, graduated Spring 2015; Project “Geographic accessibility of health services and neonatal mortality among very low birthweight infants in South Carolina”
  • Seul-Ki Choi, PhD Student in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior, graduated Spring 2015; Project “Medicaid coverage expansion and implications for cancer disparities”
  • Jenna Khan-Gates, University of Illinois-Chicago, PhD Student in Epidemiology; Project “The application of geographic analyses to assess disparities in access to breast cancer care in Chicago”
  • Georgiana Onicescu, Medical University of South Carolina, PhD in Biostatistics, graduated May 2015; Project “Advances in geospatial survival modeling for small area cancer data”