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Deficiencies and Determinants of Patient Knowledge about Adjuvant Breast Radiation Therapy


Source: USC Office of the Vice President for Research
Period: 5/16/14-9/15/16
Role: Principal Investigator
Total Direct Costs: $14,899


Short description

The purpose of this study is to explore racial/ethnic differences in knowledge and myths regarding radiation therapy for breast cancer among a sample of women diagnosed with breast cancer in South Carolina.

Longer description

In this study, we will develop and implement a questionnaire based largely on previously validated constructs to assess patients’ knowledge about the indications for, and side effects of, adjuvant breast radiation therapy. The specific objectives of this project are to: 1) determine the difference in the knowledge about adjuvant breast radiation therapy after oncologic breast surgery between minority and non-minority women; 2) determine socio-demographic factors, other than race/ethnicity, that impact baseline knowledge about adjuvant breast radiation; and 3) begin the development of a Radiation Education for Breast Cancer Series (REBS) and R03 grant application based on the results from objectives 1 and 2.