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A Dissemination Project to Advance Lung Cancer Screening in South Carolina (LUNA)


Source: South Carolina Cancer Alliance
Period: 7/15/14-6/30/16
Role: Principal Investigator
Total Direct Costs: $53,537


Short description

The aim of this study is to investigate and promote knowledge and awareness of low-dose lung cancer screening for patients at high risk of lung cancer among primary care physicians, patients, policymakers and stakeholders in South Carolina. In addition, a decision aid will be designed and pilot tested for use by physicians and patients when making screening decisions.

Long description

The overall goals of our study fall into three main categories: (i) an investigation into current attitudes, opinions and practices regarding LDCT screening for lung cancer among primary care physicians (in particular, gaining insight into what possible barriers may exist that stand in the way of physician recommendation of such screening); (ii) dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information regarding the risks and benefits of LDCT screening to primary care physicians, patients, policymakers and stakeholders across South Carolina; and (iii) using the results of the survey to design a shared decision-making aid for physicians to use together with their patients when deciding whether to undergo LDCT screening for lung cancer. Ultimately, we aim to increase utilization of screening with the end goal of reducing lung cancer mortality and related disparities in South Carolina.


Ersek J*, McDonnell KK, Strayer S, Sercy E, Cartmell K, Daniela F, Eberth JM+. Knowledge, attitudes and use of low-dose computed tomography for lung cancer screening among family practice physicians. Cancer. 2016;12:E108.  DOI: 10.5888/pcd12.150112.

Conference Presentations:

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